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About Me

Soprano Caroline Virginia is a professional operatic soprano. While in her undergrad, she spent three summers in Italy interning as an Artistic Administrator and performing as a soprano. In 2018, Caroline graduated from Meredith College, in Raleigh, NC, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Professional Vocal Performance Certificate, and a Minor in Arts Management. Following a Summer performing with The American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria, Caroline began her Master of Music in Opera Performance at Oklahoma City University. 

After graduating in May 2020, Caroline continued learning, teaching, auditioning, and performing in Oklahoma. Although Caroline lives with Type 1 Diabetes, her chronic illness has never held her back from following her dreams. Her creative lifestyle of free-lancing has been beneficial to building a community around her, in Oklahoma City. Caroline is a local yoga instructor, private voice and piano teacher, and frequent performer! She loves dogs (especially her German Shepherd, Jimothy!), coffee, live music, acting, dancing, gardening, exercising, meeting new people, eating, and BIG hugs!



Since I was four years old, I have been dancing, singing, or acting. My love for music was first cultivated through my love of performing. Performing is my calling, and it is something that I must do. Fulfilling this desire to create, I have discovered that managing arts businesses, teaching voice and piano lessons, choreographing and directing shows, and advocating for the arts is just as enjoyable as being a performer. 

In 2018, I graduated from Meredith College, in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Professional Performance Certificate in Voice and a minor in Arts Management. Music is fundamentally a language; it is a form of communication with the world. Studying the arts business throughout my undergrad helped me understand how I can grow as a musician and attract certain audiences at a consumer-based need. In 2020, I received my Master of Music in Opera Performance at Oklahoma City University. 

My perspective on both the business and musical study is an exploration of human culture. I've been fortunate to have shared music with many people in many places over the years. Sharing music through performance is one of the things that keeps me going. Sharing music and dance by teaching others about it, is equally important. As a student and teacher, I have numerous opportunities to collaborate musically and academically with students, colleagues, and audiences. Live performance is a community activity, which is something that is important in our modern world. It’s significant to gather together, in one place, with a group of people and share music. In this day of increasing availability of sound that freezes out the sound of the world around us (headphones), I think it is important that we have congruous moments where we are listening to the same music at the same time. 

My first voice professor, Dr. Ellen Williams, at Meredith College, reminded me that singing is three things: “exalted speaking,” a privilege, and an act that needs your entire being, not just your vocal folds. With this sense of gratitude and appreciation for singing, I am filled with happiness and wholeness. When others see my work, I hope they see the passion in me and are inspired. I want an audience to feel and grasp the character just as much as I do. I am optimistic about the future of live performance with my education and experience, so far. Let’s fearlessly keep it alive.




How long has Caroline been teaching?

Caroline received her RYT 200HR in the Spring of 2021, through 405 YOGA OKC and Yoga Alliance. Continuing her yoga education, Caroline is certified to teach in many Vinyasa Styles, including, Power Flow, Slow Burn, Inside Flow, Yin Yoga, and Alignment Yoga. 

Why Yoga?

Caroline started practicing yoga, in 2018, to relieve stress and assist her mental health. The list of benefits Caroline has experienced have been transformative for her Type 1 Diabetes, as well as for her performance and teaching career. The connection she feels to her body, breath, and spirit, directly translates to her every day life.  

Where does Caroline currently teach yoga?

1. 405 YOGA OKC -

Power Flow Vinyasa, as well as all styles listed above, when needed.

2. Private Yoga - 

There are many reasons to seek private instruction, and Caroline wants to know yours. Do you want just a breakdown of the basics of yoga, so that you can feel more confident in a community yoga class? Are you wanting to 'level-up' your practice and work on something specific? Are you nursing a current injury or any other physical challenges? Is your motivation more mental or spiritual? 

Caroline schedules private lessons through 405 YOGA OKC. However, if you are not local, Caroline can offer private instruction via Zoom, Google Meet, or Apple FaceTime.

The rates range  between $65 and $85/hr, depending on what you're seeking in your privates. If you have a friend who is also wanting to do it, save money by sharing/ splitting the time and fee with them! 

It's totally up to you! Caroline can't wait to connect with you! 

Get to Know Us

Vocal & Piano Pedagogy 

Where does Caroline currently teach music?

1. Oklahoma Christian University - Adjunct Instructor of Voice, Director of Cabaret and Opera Scenes

2. Oklahoma City University's Performing Arts Academy - Instructor of Singing and Beginner Piano Lessons, Director of Little Stars (Summer Kids Camp Ages 3-7)


3. Carter Music Studio - Owner of Private Music Studio, offering music theory instruction, as well as singing and piano lessons.


How long has Caroline been teaching?

Since she was a freshman in undergrad (2014), Caroline has been perfecting her skills as a music teacher. Approaching her 10th year of teaching private lessons, Caroline is excited to continue learning how to effectively and efficiently support her students to achieve their musical goals. 

Would I be qualified to sign up for lessons with Caroline?

Piano and Voice Lessons

- If you are age 8 -18, sign up for lessons through OCUPAA, above. 

- If you are 18+, sign up for lessons through Carter Music Studio, above. 

*Music Theory can be added to your regular lesson time, or sign up for 2 slots a week with Caroline. 1 for piano/voice, and another for music theory. 


How long has Caroline been Performing?

Caroline began performing when she was a toddler. She loves to show off and share her dancing, singing, and artistry, which fills her spirit. Now, approaching her thirties, Caroline has refined her performance skills as a versatile performer. Caroline can perform at many capacities, including: different styles, genres, settings, articulations, and more!

Where can I see Caroline perform?

1. Painted Sky Opera-

Caroline is the Education/Outreach Performer for PSO and is often cast in PSO's Season. Check out their website for more details! 

2. Oklahoma City's Opera on Tap - 

Caroline is a featured Performer with OOT. Check out the schedule and join them for an evening of opera, whatever's on tap, and bites! 

3. Other -

Stay up to date by following Caroline's Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

Where can I see Caroline's experience/credentials?

Check out her Resume! 

Click on this button to see some of her current performances! 

May I hire Caroline to sing at a private/corporate/wedding/funeral/festival/opera company/etc. Event?

Of course!

Contact Caroline's phone or email to inquire about hiring her for your event! 

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